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Eastern Iowa Arts Academy - Professional Instructors


Eastern Iowa Arts Academy provides students with excellent leadership and instruction in all areas of the arts. Currently, EIAA has over 45 staff members who specialize in art, dance, drama, creative writing, cultural arts and music instruction.


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Amy Licher


I have been teaching for 7 years. This is my third year teaching art. I have experimented with paper techniques for projects, in and out of the art classroom. I enjoy incorporating recycled elements into projects and educating students on the benefits of using recycled materials in art. On a more personal note, I am married and have a 3 year old named Sam, along with three cats. I knit, read a lot, and make jewelry.

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Available Classes

Class NameClass DescriptionClass CategoryFeeClass LocationSchedule
Recycled JewelryDuring this class students will re-create various pieces of jewelry from recycled paper, metal, fiber (yarn, cloth), found objects, and clay. Pins, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will be the finished products that students will take home along with an increased knowledge of the jewelry making process.art0.00MadisonThursday
Creative Jewelry MakingDuring this class students will create various pieces of jewelry using paper, metal, fiber (yarn, cloth), found objects, and clay. Pins, bracelets, necklaces, and ear-rings will be the finished products that students will take home along with an increased knowledge of the jewelry making process.art0.00MadisonTuesday
Art of Mexico: Day of the DeadHola! We will learn about Day of the Dead in Mexico and create our own Day of the Dead inspired objects using a variety of media including paper mache and some wearable art. We will especially focus on using the calavera (skeleton) imagery so popular in Mexico.art0.00MadisonTuesday
Art of Mexico Students will delve into the colorful art of Mexico through the creation of several projects taking inspiration from different parts of Mexico. We will make fantastical paper mache creatures called Alebrijes, black Oaxacan pottery, and much, much more!art0.00MadisonThursday
The Art of IndiaStudents will be exposed to the art of India while creating several hands on projects. We will look at Indian batik, while creating our own designs on fabric. Students will also explore rangoli designs using colored sands and paper to create a more permanent artwork. We will also look at Thangka paintings and create our own reflecting each artist’s personality using watercolors. art0.00MadisonThursday
Amazing Paper!Do you like to create using paper? Not afraid of making a mess? Then this is the class for you! Amazing Paper is open to students 3rd-5th grade. Students will learn to make a 3-dimensional dragon mask, create their own textured papers (messy but fun!), and design their own journal cover. We may have time to explore collage through the layering of images/paper. Bring your enthusiasm!art0.00JacksonThursday
Hoover - African ArtWe will explore the continent of Africa by creating art that is inspired by several countries in Africa. Our 1st project will be a clay Ndbele pot! We will use a variety of art materials including paint, clay, fabric, and metal. Join us for a fun journey into Africa! Note: Student art work will be exhibited at the United Arts Showcase on Saturday, May 13th at Harding Middle School. Details about the exhibit will be provided by the instructor as the date approaches. art0.00HooverThursday
Altered ArtWe will be using everyday objects and turning them into special works of art. Students will create art they can wear as well as art to display. We will use a variety of media to transform the everyday objects we see and use into something special and one-of- a-kind! art0.00HooverThursday

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