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Eastern Iowa Arts Academy - Professional Instructors


Eastern Iowa Arts Academy provides students with excellent leadership and instruction in all areas of the arts. Currently, EIAA has over 45 staff members who specialize in art, dance, drama, creative writing, cultural arts and music instruction.


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Marissa Siegel


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Available Classes

Class NameClass DescriptionClass CategoryFeeClass LocationSchedule
Acrylic Ink TechniquesAcrylic inks are similar to watercolor but are permanent and produce very brilliant colors. We will work with a variety of techniques and application methods using this media. These inks can be layered in many interesting ways and we will fully explore and experiment with them. Projects include portraits, landscapes, still life and non-objective compositions.art0.00RooseveltTuesday
Polymer Clay TechniquesIn this class, students will study the art and culture of Japan to create Japanese inspired polymer clay pieces. Polymer clay is a unique clay that doesn't dry out and comes in a variety of colors. These will be baked in the oven and become hard like plastic. The students will work with a variety of techniques and create several projects with this clay. art0.00RooseveltTuesday
Acrylic Painting TechniquesStudents will design and create an acrylic painting. Still life, landscape, portraits and non-object subject matter will be discussed. Color theory, blending and acrylic glazing techniques will also be explored.art0.00RooseveltThursday
Perler Bead ArtStudents will design and create a variety of 2D and 3D artwork using Perler Beads. Perler Beads are made of plastic and melt together to create a variety of  designs, shapes, and patterns.  Additionally, students will focus on designs and motifs inspired by the Mexican culture to create their projects. art0.00RooseveltThursday
Roosevelt Mexican Tin Art and Nichos - Mixed Media BoxesStudents will design and create several pieces of metal tooling inspired by the patterns and designs of Mexican culture and tin art. Students will also explore the traditional Latino folk art of painted boxes called nichos or retablos, telling a story through small objects and designs. Paint and other mixed media techniques will be explored to create a unique sculptural assemblage. Note: Student art work will be exhibited at the United Arts Showcase on Saturday, May 13th at Harding Middle School. Details about the exhibit will be provided by the instructor as the date approaches. art0.00RooseveltThursday
Mixed Media SculptureWe will design and create three dimensional sculptures using a wide variety of art materials. We will be learning how to work with and creatively combine wire, polymer clay, metal, acrylic paint and found objects to create a unified art piece. art0.00RooseveltTuesday

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